Pencil Skirt Style

How to Look Cute and Chic in Your 10 Pencil Skirt Style

Pencil skirts have, in recent years, become quite a hit among modern working women. It is a stylish and confident outfit often work by women incorporate. It has, in recent times, become a fashion statement and is deemed to be a symbol for a strong and confident modern working woman. While there are several ways to style a pencil skirt, this article will provide you with the top best ten styling tips on how to look confident and gorgeous in a cute pencil skirt.

  1. Paper bag Printed Skirt

The best outfit for the office is to pair up your formal pencil skirt with your top. This Printed skirt is body-hugging and also make you slimmer. When you pair up your top with this pencil skirt, it gives a very confident and a graceful look. Most often, working women wear this outfit, and to complete the look and they wear some studs on their ears and a single chain necklace with a tiny pendant. You can pair this outfit with some black pencil heels and make up your hair into a tight bun.

  1. Fringed Skirt

The best way to pull off a cute pencil skirt style is by simply pairing it with a neutral-coloured fringed shirt. If you are a modern working woman, then having a coloured fringed skirt is a must in your wardrobe. Now to pull off such looks, you should purchase some neutral coloured well-stitched shirt. Keep in mind that the shirts should fit you; otherwise, it might give an untidy look.

Pair neutral colours like white, navy blue, baby pink, etc. shirts with the skirt and complete the look with some formal heels. This is a graceful and cute outfit that you can pull off for your working hours.

  1. Contrast Button Skirts

Another cute pencil skirt style will be to pair up your pencil skirt with some contrast button shirts. Contrast button shirts are the best kind of shirt to wear during spring and summers as they are light and breezy. While purchasing contrast button shirts for your office look, remember to buy those who are not very fancy and elaborate. Go for the simple and formal ones, as it will make you look confident and graceful. The skirt should not be too flashy and should go well with your shirt. You should tuck in the shirt properly and ensure that it is well ironed.  This outfit will bring some cheer to you at your office settings and make you feel comfortable throughout the day. To complete the look, keep your hair open and wear white-coloured formal heels.

  1. Zara Rib Skirt

Some coloured shirts are go well with Zara Rib skirts, as they give off a stylish yet formal look. You will find office going women; have lately started pairing their Zara Rib skirts with some V-necked shirts, which makes them look cute yet elegant at the same time. Pair up a neutral or light, breezy shirt with your Zara Rib skirts. Do not go for the flashy or elaborately designed ones as they are too distracting for the office settings.

Pair it up with some studs and a stylish wristwatch.

  1. Turtle Neck Tops

Turtle neck tops are back in fashion and have soon become a hit among the modern working-class women. You can pair up your pencil skirt with a turtle neck shirt of a neutral colour and complete the look with some ankle heeled boots. This will make you look cute, stylish, and elegant, all at once. Always go for a neutral-coloured and formal shirt when it comes to your office settings.

  1. Long Coats

Not many people have tried this out, but it is no surprise that long coats make a perfect outfit when paired with pencil skirts. Long layers are not only for parties but can be worn in office settings if paired right to make a formal yet cute outfit. Wear an official shirt or a BodyCon top or a sweater and tuck it into your skirt. Throw over the coats, and compete with some ankle boots. This will make you look very stylish and ready for your office meetings.

  1. Stylish Shirts

While women are more comfortable opting for neutral coloured shirts, we offer you how you can make a fancy and an elaborately designed top into an office outfit. Stylish shirts, which are very intricately designed and bright in colours, can also be worn for an office setting. However, there should be a fine line between stylish and flashy. If you are wearing a smart shirt along with your pencil skirt, remember to keep your make up minimal and accessorize less. Just pull off the look with some heels, and you are good to go.

  1. Formal Jackets

Another way to pull off a cute pencil skirt outfit is by pairing it with a white shirt and a short formal jacket. Ensure that the jacket is tight-fitting and comes to your waist. It should not be like the long coats which are with suits, neither should it be loose or big for your size. This is a very different yet elegant looking office look in Singapore that can be tried with your pencil skirt.

  1. Polkas and Stripes

Among the best combinations, polka-dotted shirts and striped shirts and tops go very well with pencil skirts. Such combinations can be tried out for both office settings as well as parties with your friends. You can complete such a look with a high ponytail and a stylish wristwatch.

  1. Stylish Belt

Another way to accessorize your pencil skirt is by wearing a smart-looking belt that goes with your shirt. The belt should not be broad or flashy. Instead, it should be a slim belt with a formal touch to it. Adding a belt will give a stylish bit to your office outfit.

While you can come across many more ways to style your pencil skirt in a manner that should suit your person, however, the most important way to style your skirt is by adding layers of confidence and grace to it. If you interested in purchasing some great pencil skirts, then you should definitely try out Yishion Fashion. They have a great collection of pencil skirts, so you can go visit their website and buy the one that suits your interest.